Winter Holidays in Chania

After we fell in love with Crete and found our dream holiday accommodation in Chania at the Domus Renier Boutique Hotel during our summer holiday, we kept telling ourselves that we must visit Crete in the winter as well. Finally we did. Here’s our story…

Planning our Winter Holiday in Chania

It’s hard to find an international flight to Crete during the winter time, but that was all part of the winter holiday adventure for us! It was so easy to find cheap flights with low cost airlines like Ryanair and EasyJet flying into Athens or Thessaloniki airports. From there we caught a flight into Chania airport with the Greek airline Aegean, but we could have flown with Ryanair as well if we’d wanted to. On our return, we decided we’d both like to experience the ferry from Souda port to Piraeus as we’d never done it before. It was very exciting for us travelling by boat in the private cabin we booked! Once in Piraeus we had no trouble getting a transfer to Athens airport, and wave our sorrowful goodbyes to Greece again (at least until the summer again!)

Winter Holiday Sun in Crete

We couldn’t wait to get away from the cold grey drabness of home. We knew Crete would not be as hot and sunny as it was during the summer, but we were delighted with the winter holiday sun we got. Temperatures were still comfortably in double figures and there was plenty of sun for us to enjoy. Even the days when it rained were exciting, because we were able to see a new side of Crete. Snuggling together in our Deluxe Suite gazing out at the view of Chania harbour and the raindrops splashing into the sea was absolutely magical.

Peaceful Winter Holidays in Chania Old Town

We spent so many lazy days exploring Chania. We’d wake up in the morning in our luxurious suite. Some days I’d go for a morning run around Chania harbour, relishing having the place to myself, with just the endless horizon, the sea, and the peace and quietness of the winter. Once I got back to Domus Renier Boutique Hotel, we’d feast on our delicious hotel breakfast of traditional local Cretan and Greek delights. Then we’d walk through the courtyard and step out under the archway of our historic hotel and into the winding streets of Chania old town. We roamed for hours, exploring the alleys and admiring all the beautiful old buildings. Without the summer crowds, we felt like we discovered a whole new Chania. On another day of our winter holiday we spoke to the staff at Domus Renier Boutique Hotel and they arranged a bicycle tour of Chania for us. With their special map and our picnic basket of goodies we explored the history of the whole town and made a real day of it!

Discover Winter in Crete

The cooler weather and our winter holiday really gave us the opportunity to discover the real Crete as we saw elements of real local life. We stood on empty beaches looking out across the perfect unspoiled sand and out over the waves breaking in the sea. The hotel fixed a hire car for us and helped us plan our own daily excursions and trips. We wound our way up tiny mountain roads. We saw Cretan villages, and sat by the fire in little tavernas drinking coffee and nibbling on meze plates whilst listening to locals playing the traditional lyra. It was magical. I saw sights I will never forget. The Omalos plateau. Looking down on clouds from the top of the world. The snowy peaks of the Lefka Ori white mountains. Each one of them a memory to last a lifetime shared with the person I love.

Winter Holidays in Chania at Domus Renier Boutique Hotel

What a fantastic winter holiday in Chania we had at the Domus Renier Boutique Hotel. I never knew that a place I loved so much could change so much but still feel so familiar and keep all the things that first made me fall in love with it. A winter holiday in Crete was like discovering a whole new wonderful side to an island that has already touched my soul. And what a treat it was too! Now I can look forward to two magical holidays in Crete every year in a place I love, and each one offering something different too. And all this united by the beauty of Chania and the magic of Domus Renier Boutique Hotel.