An unforgettable holiday at Chania Inn

Spurred by fond, early memories and a dear friend’s spirited recommendation, this summer I revisited my childhood holiday destination and had an unforgettable experience by staying at Chania Inn.


Μost of my childhood summers had been spent on the island of Crete and its most picturesque city, Chania. I still remember vividly-and very fondly-the beautiful old Venetian and Ottoman buildings, the quaint little alleys and backstreets, the haunting atmosphere, the warm and friendly inhabitants, the overall magic of the place… Some twenty odd years later, with the advent of tourism, of course I expected that it would be somewhat changed. I was certain nevertheless that despite of all this development, it would have retained its distinct brand of charm. So prompted by the enthusiastic recommendations of a couple of friends who had stayed at the town’s latest jewel, the Domus Renier boutique hotel last year I became curious and excited to travel to Chania once again and stay there. Unfortunately I neglected making my holiday arrangements until it was too late. As it was high season, the hotel, which had become massively popular within its first year of operation, was fully booked. Fortunately, it’s very obliging and accommodating staff, told me about their new project which had just opened its doors: A few meters away from the Domus Renier impressively restored, historical townhouse, also situated at the heart of the Venetian harbour, Chania Inn is a brand new three-suite complex with unbeatable waterfront views, stylish, fresh and modish design and a distinctively artistic, bohemian aura. Aptly impressed by the website photos, I decided to book the double sea view room, as I would be travelling along with my beau. I was right. Chania Inn proved to be a fantastic discovery; a gem really. A unique, original place where everything is cool and relaxed yet top quality. Indeed we loved every minute. Our room was looking towards the majestic trademark lighthouse. It was a perfect mix of crisp, clean, straight lines and pure white colors with ample natural light. There were many very clever design details: The voguish downlights let our bodies and souls relax and truly let go; while the king size bed came with a most comfortable mattress and fine linen, that ensured a good night’s sleep after a fun filled day, full of all sorts of exciting activities. Plus our suite was air-conditioned with soundproof windows, so nothing could disturb us. One of the highlights was also the en suite, open-style bathroom, which with its subdued opulence was in perfect synch with the suite’s overall effortlessly chic ambiance.

Enjoying staying in at Chania Inn

In fact this was exactly what we were looking for in this romantic trip of ours: An easy going, free spirited summer break, in a place that combines understated sophistication with discreet, yet efficient service and a highly atmospheric setting. And this is precisely what we got by staying in at Chania Inn on our holiday. Which- I must stress-was made all the more enjoyable by the amazing food at Lithos, the restaurant that belongs to the Domus Renier and Chania Inn group, and is located on the exquisitely preserved building’s ground level. Absolutely loving its panoramic sea vistas, we mainly ate there during the length of our stay. The food matched all expectations. Don’t even know where to start apart from maybe the amazing Cretan breakfast: Eggs, “dakos” with “mizithra”- a delectable local cheese, apaki,  creamy yogurt with honey, a lovely marmalade and freshly squeezed oranjuice. Everything was homemade and fresh and again took me back to my childhood years. As per lunch or dinner, I can not praise Lithos’ cuisine enough. Try the chicken with parmesan cream or the veal ribs with wine and of course the delightful panna cotta with white chocolate, cardamon and strawberries, and you’ll be forever hooked!  We will definitely be back, already working to organize our holiday at Chania Inn, this time with some friends, for next year!