One year of Tailor Made Hotel Services, dedicated to the discerning traveler

For the past decade or so, I have been one of those new generation mobile workers, that have traded cubicles for coffee shops, and offices for hotel rooms around the world. So my nomadic lifestyle, recently brought me to Chania, in Crete. Of course I’ve heard a lot about this city: Its rich history and haunting past; its stunning Venetian and Ottoman buildings; its great atmosphere, delectable food-and no less than miraculous- raki; its glorious nearby beaches; and above all the amazing, authentic inhabitants. It follows that I was eager to make this trip. Yet life on the road can be trying. Between time zones and meetings, constant travel can take its toll on even the most acclimated professional. To compensate for this, I try to be extra careful when selecting my accommodations.

Sure, a cozy bed and warm shower will get the job done, but a hotel can be much more than just a place to rest your head. And this is something particularly important for the business traveler. Domus Renier boutique hotel, came highly recommended by a fellow long distance commuter. “It is a simply beautiful, historic mansion, at the heart of the old town, which has been recently reincarnated to an elegant, opulent hospitality unit. It now celebrates one year of tailor made hotel services, which are impeccable-unique in point of fact-  and so it is particularly suited to our clan“, he stressed. He is a rather hard man to please, so I decided to trust his opinion and book at this hotel.


Boasting one year of tailor made hotel services, Domus Renier elevates your travel experience to unprecedented heights


Upon landing at the airport, I got picked up by the hotel’s friendly driver (private transfer does come super handy after spending hours cooped up on a plane!). After a short 30 minute drive, I arrived at the majestic Domus Renier, right on this monumental city’s sea front. The smiling ladies at reception thoughtfully welcomed me with a delectable home made, freshly squeezed lemonade. This was much needed after my long flight and bode well for what was about to follow. On the way to my room, Evangelia, Noni and Elena, showed me around a bit.

Throughout the premises, one off designer furniture and the latest mod cons blending with timeless period pieces and original architectural features only serve to accentuate this place’s considerable legacy.

Seeing the past coming alive, being a bit of a history buff myself, I was aptly impressed. This effect continued when I entered my sea view deluxe suite. Going by the name of Gasparo ( who was head of police of the kingdom of Crete and Podesta of Brescia, Padua, Rovigo and Verona- no less!), the suite was certainly befitting of its namesake’s noteworthy persona. Spacious as well as gorgeous, it came with a comfortable writing desk and a fast and reliable wifi, both essential for my work (it was a business trip after all!). It also featured a shower with hydro-massage for my pleasure, not to mention the view to the Venetian port which was just the thing to get my creative juices flowing.

During my week’s stay, this lush and lovely setting, would welcome me back after a hard day of endless negotiations and meetings, which left me depleted. Thank god its restorative powers were potent. Of course the delightful, little treat that the staff had in store for me every day (I’ll never forget the taste of those real strawberries!), also helped matters immensely. This very thoughtfulness in fact exemplifies their philosophy and approach to hospitality.

The a la carte breakfast with bountiful choice, enabled me to begin my day exactly as I wished, while the twice daily maid service proved to be very valuable, as I tend to be rather messy when I work. As per the expert concierge, he made my life so much easier by going the extra mile to ensure that everything is up to my satisfaction:

From the luxurious car that ferried me to and fro appointments and meetings, to the last minute booking he managed to secure for the whole team, at one of Chania’s finest restaurants. In fact I actually think that he pulled some sort of magic trick for these reservations. See, my-usually over competent- secretary had tried and failed miserably, beforehand!

All in all, during my week at Domus Renier– that rightfully celebrates its one year of tailor made hotel services– I came to understand the true meaning of personalized hospitality. Residing at the Renier Townhouse, where once doges, politicians, diplomats, army commanders and countesses lived and died, loved and hated, pulled political strings and ruled from, was an inspirational experience. One that left me forever spoiled; and one that I can not recommend enough to anyone visiting Chania. For business or pleasure.