Domus Renier – My Boutique Hotel in Chania

Boutique hotels are something really special. Once you’ve experienced staying in a boutique hotel you really catch the bug, and regular hotels just don’t cut it for you any more. I wanted to take some time out to explain why I love boutique hotels so much, and what makes the Domus Renier Boutique Hotel in Chania my favourite boutique hotel of them all.

A Unique Boutique Hotel in Chania

One of the best things about boutique hotels is their individuality. In many ways it’s great that the world seems to be getting smaller – nowadays it is so easy to travel to wonderful and exciting places, meet new people, and stay in touch via the web too. But the downside is we see more of the same as everything becomes standardised. With big hotel franchises and chains you lose some of the magic of your destination. Wherever you are in the world, your hotel feels the same. But that’s not the case in a boutique hotel. These hotels are really special. They celebrate their individuality, and reward the jet-setting experienced traveller by really giving them a feel of their holiday destination. Nowhere is this more true than the Domus Renier Boutique Hotel in Chania. Staying in this hotel, you know you are truly holidaying in Crete. Everywhere you turn you get a real feel for Chania and the history of Crete. I felt a real connection to Crete on my holiday in Chania, and it was because I was staying in a boutique hotel in Chania. Being a small hotel and a family run one, we could really get to know all the staff at Domus Renier, and in the process we could learn all about Crete. The team helped us plan our excursions and advised us on the best places to go to see the most of the island. We nibbled on yummy cookies made using a homemade recipe by the owner’s grandmother. You don’t get that experience in other hotels. We were made to feel so welcome in this cosy little hotel that we were able to build our very own little home away from home. Our gorgeous sea view Deluxe Loft Suite felt so special and so unique to us. Every day when we returned from our excursions we’d walk through the door and feel at peace. By the end of the holiday I felt like I’d lived in Crete all my life! I shall never forget how the Domus Renier Boutique Hotel made me feel like I was living in a family home, with those magical hours spent in our suite’s loft, or stretched out in the hotel library with a Metaxa brandy, a book of Greek poetry, and that sea view. These are the unique experiences and moments you only find in boutique hotels.

Historical Boutique Hotel

Modern regular hotels are designed to offer their guests comfort in accordance with a standardised appearance, layout and corporate colour scheme. Often they are purpose built from the ground up as hotels, and can sometimes lack a sense of soul and history. With the freedom of staying in a boutique hotel that celebrates individuality comes the joy of being able to experience and discover a building’s real history. Nowhere is this more true than at the Domus Renier Boutique Hotel. This historical hotel is built in a centuries-old Venetian townhouse that was created by the Renier family. Rather than seeking to airbrush the building’s history to create a regular hotel, the family owners embraced the rich history of the house, the town of Chania, and the island of Crete to create a unique historical boutique hotel. Whilst staying at Domus Renier Boutique Hotel this summer we felt like we were stepping back in time to a different era. We could sense the great weight of history in this gorgeous building, and see it in little details like the gorgeous painted ceiling reliefs, the beautiful parquet floor in the hotel breakfast room, and the intricate carvings in the old wooden beams in the walls.

Stylish Design Boutique Hotel

Boutique hotels are simply perfect for design lovers. Because they are so unique, they are able to express their identity through their style. There’s so much choice, and no two boutique hotels are ever the same. You can find a hotel that suits your style and tastes too. Domus Renier is the boutique design hotel in Chania that fits me like a glove. It’s a stylish hotel, but not in the ultra modern minimalist sense. Those hotels can sometimes feel a little ‘cold’. Instead, the Domus Renier Boutique Hotel feels like a chic classically themed home. Historic Venetian flourishes rub shoulders with all the latest luxury modern features and facilities you could possibly need. I adored the high quality furniture and little decorative ornaments that were all clearly hand picked and selected to create a stylish homely vibe. And talk about luxury! My partner and I had great fun selecting our choice of pillows from the hotel’s pillow menu – he opted for the Cassiopia memory foam pillow (hypoallergenic too – perfect for his asthma and allergies) and I preferred the Norma pillow with its springs. We’ve never been so comfortable in bed and slept so well! Some mornings it was a struggle to wrench myself away for my morning jog, but the gorgeous sight of Chania harbour in the early morning soon made up for it. Absolute perfection!

Chania Harbour Boutique Hotel Location

The location is another fabulous advantage to staying in a boutique hotel. Because boutique hotels are smaller than regular hotels, they can offer you amazing locations right in the thick of the action. When we arrived for our holiday in Chania I simply could not believe what a fantastic location the Domus Renier Boutique Hotel had. It is a boutique hotel right in Chania’s old town Venetian port! You can get a real sense and feel of the place. We could step out of the hotel entrance and into the lovely Zepos restaurant right on Chania harbour. And if we chose to use the hotel’s main entrance we could exit straight into the charming cobbled streets of Chania old town, wending our way through twisting alleyways flanked by elegant Venetian townhouses with their pretty balconies and stone arched doorways. And my goodness, did we know we were in Crete! The food was truly divine. Our hotel breakfasts were a feast of proper authentic Cretan delights made with fresh local ingredients – no standard Continental buffets like you find in regular hotels, but a tailor made selection of some of the best cuisine that Crete has to offer, all lovingly prepared. I shall never forget the evening the staff arranged for us a special private dining meal in our suite. It felt so blissfully romantic and tailor made just for us. Oh, how I long to be back there!

Personalised Boutique Hotel Services

On top of everything else, my favourite thing about staying in boutique hotels is the way they just feel so much more personal than a big ‘regular’ hotel. With just 9 luxury rooms and suites, the Domus Renier Boutique Hotel in Chania was the perfect cosy size to make me and my partner feel comfortable, and like specially selected members of a very lucky club! The service we got felt so personal, and the staff took care of absolutely everything – from our excursions to our breakfasts, arranging everything we needed in our suite, and of course that magical private dining meal. And the attention to detail and the personalised touches with the handwritten notes and little surprises waiting for us in our suite were such a joy.  By the end of the holiday I felt like part of the hotel family, and that’s not something I’ve ever experienced in another hotel. I will cherish my boutique hotel experience at Domus Renier Boutique Hotel forever. Now I’ve discovered this wonderful boutique hotel in Chania I will be returning year after year. This is what holidays are made of!