Domus Renier Boutique Hotel – A Hotel in Chania with a View!

As I sit writing this my view from my window is of grey leaden skies and seemingly endless fog. I sit huddled in my many layers of clothes on my sofa. Some days the sun isn’t even brave enough to peek its way through a break in the clouds! This is the winter view from my home. But my view wasn’t always like this. During my last summer holiday in Crete I stayed at the Domus Renier Boutique Hotel – and that certainly is a hotel in Chania with a view! Let me tell you all about it…

My First View of Crete & Chania

My first view when we left home on the first morning of our holiday was one of darkness – we’d booked an early flight in order to make the most of our first day in Chania. Sections of armco and street lamps whizzed past the car window as we drive towards the airport. The arrival halls were filled with bleary eyed travellers. A light drizzle falls as I look up towards our plane as we climb the steps. And then, time to fly away! What a wonderful view out of the little aeroplane window as we break through the clouds and the sun comes up! And then, a few hours later that first glimpse of the bright blue Mediterranean sea from above, and Crete’s rugged landscape appears. We’ve arrived. My view from the taxi windows is of the curve of Souda bay as we sweep down the mountainside towards Chania. Now the sea is on my left as we draw up towards the old port in Chania, and the imposing walls of the Venetian fortress to my right. When we stepped out of the taxi Noni from the Domus Renier Boutique Hotel was already waiting and welcomed us with a beaming smile. She helped us wheel our bags around the old harbour whilst telling us stories of the Venetian lords and Arabian conquerors who make up Chania’s rich history. I look up towards the elegant houses above the shops and restaurants that line the harbour. And then I spy an elegant eau de Nil loggia balcony. In moments we’re outside the historic Domus Renier Boutique Hotel. We step under the cool canopy of Zepos Restaurant away from the heat of the sun. The big glass door of the hotel opens, and we’re inside.

Hotel with a Sea view in Chania Harbour

The elevator is like a work of art. We gawp through the glass as we see more details of the interior of this stunning boutique design hotel appear. The doors open to a beautiful lobby with high ceilings. An elegant wooden desk sits by the far wall, and the wonderful Evangelia, our hotel manager and host, welcomes us heartily. Instantly we feel right at home and she tells us she can make any arrangements over the next few days to help us make the most of our holiday in Chania. We make a note to make sure to do just that. We had such fun browsing through the luxury rooms & suites on the hotel website, and by now we’re giddy with anticipation to lay eyes on our luxury suite with sea view of the harbour. The elevator rises to the very top of the hotel and we arrive at our penthouse Master suite with Jacuzzi. I can’t take it all in! Gorgeous wood panelling everywhere I look and so much light! I’m in heaven!

Penthouse Master Suite with a Sea View Balcony in Chania Harbour

Later on we sit on our Master suite’s private balcony enjoying a 2 royal Mojitos and admiring the dusk view of Chania harbour. We watch as the Yiali Tzamisi mosque and historic lighthouse are bathed in golden light, and the sky puts on a technicolour show for us, turning from blue to orange to purple and then black. Below us the harbour awakens from its sleepy mid-afternoon stupor. The performance begins as we watch happy tourists saunter around the harbour and the waiters dance between restaurant tables. Finally it’s time for us to descend and join the party. Our gorgeous meal at Zepos Restaurant is accompanied by an enchanting view of the twinkling lights of Chania harbour. What an amazing first day, and what new sights tomorrow?

Hotel Breakfast with a View of Chania Harbour

The next morning I wake up after an amazing night’s sleep thanks to our king size bed’s Simmons mattress. I pad over to our balcony and gaze out at the blue sea. I could certainly get used to this view! Then I treat myself to a relaxing soak in our private bathtub Jacuzzi. Eventually my partner George appears and we decide it’s time for breakfast. We order some Cretan delights from the hotel room service and eat on the breakfast bar on our balcony. I’m never going to forget the view of our spectacular breakfast laid out before me with Chania harbour in the background as long as I live! If I close my eyes now I can picture it in an instant. Powerful aromatic Greek coffee, fresh real yoghurt, pancakes with golden honey, and all those sumptuous Cretan pies. Magical!

Our Views of Crete During Our Holiday

Each day during our holiday in Chania at Domus Renier Boutique Hotel brought a new view for me, each one more mesmerising than the last. George posing for photos on flights of steps in the heart of Chania old town. Our obligatory selfie from the harbour wall by the old lighthouse, with the sea and boats as our backdrop. And then of course there were the days we explored Crete itself. As promised, Evangelia and Noni, the brilliantly helpful girls at the Domus Renier Boutique Hotel, assisted us in planning our daily itineraries and arranged our hire car for us. Each new twist and turn of the Cretan mountain roads brought a new view and sight for us to behold. We scythed our way through gorges, as sunlight dappled through the foliage, and meandered past olive groves and rows of orange trees. We looked down on the birds and the ribbon of road below from our view at the top of the world from the heights of the Lefka Ori mountains. We basked in the sun with the sand between our toes and looked out over the turquoise waters at Elafonissi. All these spectacular Cretan views and more belonged to us during our holiday at Domus Renier Boutique Hotel.

A Last Look at the View of Domus Renier Boutique Hotel

And before we knew it, it was time to say goodbye. I savoured another look at the harbour view from our balcony. Then the sad sight of our suitcases all lined up by the elevator. We hugged our goodbyes to all the wonderful Domus Renier staff who had made us feel so welcome, and had become our friends during our stay. As the taxi departed, we stole one last look at our waving friends and the Domus Renier Boutique Hotel and we knew it was only “au revoir” and not goodbye. This sea view luxury hotel in Chania gave us too many marvellous views for us to be able to stay away for too long, as well as was the promise of too many new views just waiting to be discovered.