Domus Renier Boutique Hotel – The Finest Historical Hotel

How I love to stay in historic hotels! I feel as if I can absorb the energy that has soaked into the building itself, into the walls and furniture. That is why I can’t stop myself from running my hand over every surface, caressing and feeling the history.

Experience the History of Chania at Domus Renier Boutique hotel

I love to learn about every detail of the lives and fortunes of the people who stayed in these historic places. This knowledge offers me a sense of immortality and the deep certainty that what we live and experience in our present day is somehow recorded into eternity. I can still remember my first experience of Domus Renier Boutique Hotel. Those precious first magical moments. Walking the winding streets of Chania old town. Passing under the historic archway bearing the Renier family crest, and a Latin inscription. Up the steps into the peaceful courtyard. The sounds of the fountain. Through the doors and into this extraordinary townhouse hotel. The stately reception desk, and wood everywhere I looked. Up the stairs to the very top of the building. Standing there in my penthouse suite, I would close my eyes, and see Renier Dandolo walking hurriedly down Moschon street, sneaking into Notre Renier Chapel to pray before a big battle. I would feel like a great commander up there in the heavens, standing on the majestic balcony of the Master Suite that bears his name. Gradually my eyes would take in Chania’s Venetian port, and conquer the view of the endless uninterrupted horizon. My mind was filled with spectacular images of moments in history long since passed, but kept alive by this magical historical hotel in Chania.

Domus Renier Boutique hotel – Not Just Any Historical Hotel

The Domus Renier Boutique hotel is not just another historical hotel. It is the best mansion restoration that I have seen in all my travels around the world. It is a true inspiration, with every carefully designed detail creating a bridge connecting the past, present and future. I have visited historic hotels where architects were too in awe of the building’s history, and failed to leave a mark of the present era. Without modern touches and comforts, how can you truly experience luxury? A modern traveller needs to be connected to the modern world. In other historical hotels I’ve stayed in, the overzealousness of the architects completely extinguished the hotel’s identity, and any sense of history, making these hotels feel just like all the rest, a mere shadow of the building’s true self.

Crafting a New Kind of Historic Boutique Hotel in Chania

At Domus Renier Boutique hotel it seems that everyone involved – architects, decorators, craftsmen and owners – treated the building with a mixture of deep love and courage. They looked at it carefully, and seamlessly blended the old with the new. They took all that makes this building special and celebrated it. Each one of the 9 luxury rooms and suites is unique, befitting the individual member of the Renier family they are each dedicated to. Historic details from the building have now become features. Every day would yield a new discovery for me. Even the furniture was carefully chosen to complement and accentuate the beauty and elegance of the building. This attention to detail sets the Domus Renier Boutique hotel apart as a boutique design historical hotel, and puts it in a class of its own.