Magical Christmas in Chania

“Today is life, tomorrow never comes”, Cretans stipulate. True to their motto, the people of Crete choose to live each minute to the fullest; and so as they do in every occasion, they celebrate Christmas with passion and zest.
Even though the littoral town of Chania, Crete’s former capital, second

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Christmas in Chania

An Introduction to Christmas in Chania
Almost every year I spend my Christmas in Chania. The customs and traditions differ from most parts of Greece, but the Cretans have a unique way to live and enjoy every moment. It may not be a traditional ‘conventional’ Christmas destination but I can

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Winter Holidays in Chania

After we fell in love with Crete and found our dream holiday accommodation in Chania at the Domus Renier Boutique Hotel during our summer holiday, we kept telling ourselves that we must visit Crete in the winter as well. Finally we did. Here’s our story…
Planning our Winter Holiday in

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