The Domus Renier Boutique Hotel Concept

"This Venetian townhouse is situated in the most historic urban center of western Crete, the basin of the port of Chania. Components of several historical phases must be accredited for its transformation into a modern high standard accommodation.

The design of this special space intends to highlight important elements of different phases of the past but also to achieve its coupling with modern materials and construction techniques to create a single timeless architectural ensemble, which will ensure the stately presence of the building in the future."

Architects Aristomenis and Giorgos Varoudakis
Quote from the Technical Report of Domus Renier 

A Boutique Design Hotel in Chania

Through the skill and talent of the architects A & G Varoudakis, the historic Renier family Venetian townhouse has been transformed into a stylish boutique design hotel in Chania old town port that subtly marries the old and the new. Beautiful period pieces and historic architectural features meld with modern hotel facilities, amenities, and services to offer absolute comfort and an unforgettably magic stay in stunning surroundings.

A & G Varoudakis - Architects of the Domus Renier Boutique Design Hotel Chania

A & G Varoudakis, architects of the boutique design Domus Renier Hotel in Chania, in their office.A & G Varoudakis Architectural Office, operating since 1981, has so far mainly engaged in small-scale projects in western Crete, a geographic area with strong historical and natural features, where architecture is called to respond to the needs of modern habitation.

For A & G Varoudakis, highlighting the value & importance of architecture as a separate art and a key component of culture has faced many challenges over time. One of those challenges centred on the way the construction sector would translate case studies and designs into reality. A & G Varoudakis began personal supervision of project construction sites, to ensure that architectural detail as an essential element of the architectural assembly was respected every time.

Honors – Entries:

  • Distinction in ten (10) architectural competitions so far.
  • 70 completed projects and studies published in Greek and international architectural publications from 1985 until today.
  • Tribute to the work of A & G Varoudakis in “Space & Art Issues", 1999, tributes to Greek architects, twelfth monograph.
  • "Architecture of the 20th century in Greece", 1999, exhibition in Frankfurt, Paris, Thessaloniki, Athens and Rome, where A & G Varoudakis office’s work on the residential complex in Chania Reservoir was selected to be exhibited along with other 112 works of Greek architects.
  • Study for the restoration of the Great Arsenal in the old harbour of Chania for the housing of the Mediterranean Architecture Centre's activities, in 2000. A & G Varoudakis office, Kostas Mavrakakis and P. Grammatopoulos & X. Panousakis office participated in the above study, which was based on a preliminary study of a research program by the National Technical University of Athens, with Professor C. Kizi as a coordinator architect.
  • Participation in the exhibition of the Greek Institute of Architecture at the Benaki Museum "Residence from the 20th to the 21st century in Greece", 2009.
  • Exhibition “Aristomenis and Giorgos Varoudakis: Architectural dialogues with the Cretan landscape” presented from the Benaki Museum in collaboration with the Greek Institute of Architecture. The same exhibition was presented in Chania, 2010, in the Mediterranean Centre of Architecture.

George Chrisochoou

IMG_7376 geoGeorge Chrisochoou was born in Xanthi in 1968. He studied in Thessaloniki and since 1990 has been living in Chania. He is an Architect and an interior & exterior decorator. During that past years he has been commissioned to do many big hotel projects and private residences in Chania and Iraklio.

He has been working closely with the owners of Domus Renier Boutique Hotel for many years and basically was the connecting link between the vision of the architects adn the final result.