100 raving reviews and still counting!

Renowned food bloggers around the world applaud our breakfast and food, while the international press raves about our design, aesthetic and services. On Booking.com, Domus Renier gets 10 out of 10 and is named one of the best hotels in Greece. On Tripadvisor it reached its 100 exalting reviews and on Facebook it boasts a 5 star rating. In fact it is our customers’ genuine feedback that gives us all we need to continue to be on top of the hospitality business.

About a year ago I was at an important juncture in my life. My family and I, had been until recently, happily living in our native city, Volos; but several circumstances compelled us to think about our next step. As I was investigating our options, Chania in Crete sprung to mind. This beautiful, historic town with its maze like streets and amazing, old monuments and buildings, always held a special allure; and it was by -a happy, as it turned out- coincidence that I then heard about Domus Renier: A breathtakingly beautiful boutique hotel at the heart of the Venetian port, housed in the historic Renier townhouse, it was just inaugurated and it was looking for applicants with substantial experience in the hospitality business. As this perfectly matched my professional credentials, I decided to investigate further.

“A dream: we were just for one night in this amazing and completely new hotel….breakfast at top, staff helpful and perfect on all the details. we came back for sure”

Zampino from Italy, wrote in June ‘16 on Tripadvisor. In fact this was Domus Renier’s 1st ever review on the world’s most reliable travel site.

“A Magical Memory: …(we) were fortunate to be four of the very first guests in this magnificent new hotel in a very historic, and beautifully restored casa!! We felt like a royal family in the hands of this wonderful family, and their excitement in their achievement was catching…:”

similarly, said Judy 012 on August‘ 16, while Rick L, on July ‘16, recounted :

“HOW LUCKY COULD WE GET? :From the moment we walked in…to the last second when we reluctantly said goodbye to this little spot of nirvana, we were enchanted, impressed and most importantly treated as if we were the Italian royalty that owned this 14th century home directly on the harbor of the old town….We had the honeymoon suite on the second floor and it really made us feel as if we were newlyweds. What a winner and this must be your choice when visiting Chania Old Town, which is also a must when in Crete.DELIGHTFUL, EXQUISITE, PERFECT!”.

Intrigued as I was by such raving reviews, I made up my mind. I would apply for the general manager position and vouched to get it!

To cut a long story short, I met with the hotel’s owners Litsa and Aria Paraskevaki, and we immediately saw eye to eye. So with my husband and my child, at some point in the past autumn we moved to Chania and made it our new home.

The task at hand was quite daunting. As the new general manager of Domus Renier, I was in fact faced with a considerable challenge. Though it was brand new, the hotel had already managed to establish an immaculate reputation. My duty then was not only to live up to it; but to further enhance and promote it.

One of my first thoughts was that this establishment absolutely deserved to be incorporated in the elite group of historic hotels worldwide.  So we did it and now we are prominently featured on the aforementioned, super exclusive site.

The discerning traveller is our target group after all and we are proud to have caught their hearts and minds -as their feedback regularly suggests.

“My wife and i have stayed in MANY hotels around the world and there are times where there can be a lack of service and then also, too much service that just ends up being annoying. THIS hotel was the perfect mix of service, which will keep me coming back for years to come….Thank you so much Litsa and all her staff for a truly unforgettable experience!! Love from Philip and Pamela (Sydney Australia)”.

Facebook 8/7/17

“Thank you all for making our stay in Chania memorable! Hope to see you all soon!”

Oleksya Smirnova. Facebook 8/5/17

“Leaving with a heavy heart today! We had the best 6 nights of a vacation/work trip! … The rooms are super comfy with luxury mattresses and the towels are luxurious, all of what you would expect at a 5 star resort. We left knowing that we made friends for life, we were treated like family. We cannot wait to return!”

Dee Scruggs-Carstens, Facebook 28/11/16

“Simple the very BEST in Chania!!!!!!”

Eva, Facebook 26/11/16

“We can’t wait to come back! Olivia and I miss you very much and can’t stop talking about Chania, the hotel, the atmosphere, everything! Thank you for EVERYTHING”

Dee ma, Facebook 25/8/16

“We had the privilege of enjoying the hospitality of Domus Renier in July of this year. This is a fantastically enchanting place and the hospitality is second to none. It was as if there was a contest between the staff members at to who could serve us first. I wholeheartedly recommend Domus Renier. Here you will find Greek hospitality at its best.”

Devon, Facebook 15/8/16

“Simply Amazing from start to finish: There are simply not enough superlatives to compliment the Domus Renier Hotel. From the moment you walk in the door they treat you like one of their family. With only 9 suites in the hotel you have unbelievable customer service. The food was fantastic and the rooms were beautiful. We had the Junior Suite with the Jacuzzi on the terrace and loved it. …An example of their incredible hospitality is that we were staying during their 1st Anniversary and they had an amazing cocktail reception and dinner to celebrate and invited all of the guests staying in the hotel for free. We were blown away by their generosity. If you needed to get anywhere they provided a wonderful concierge service to get you anything you needed from simple directions to car hire, restaurant reservations (take their recommendations!), tours around the island to anything else you need. …f you are a fan of boutique hotels then look no further for your accommodation in Chania. I promise you will not regret it.”

Globalflutes, Tripadivisor July ‘17

“Heaven on Earth: There is nowhere else to stay in Chania!! Hotel Domus Renier is special. If we could have moved in and didn’t have to get back to life, we would have. First and foremost are the staff and owner of the hotel. We miss all of you and love you and please come visit and stay with us. The customer service is unparalleled. My husband has stayed in 5 star hotels around the world and said this was number one from anywhere he has travelled. The accommodations are modern, beautiful and really not to be believed. We stayed in the master suite with two bedrooms and bathrooms and a veranda overlooking Chania port. It was breathtaking from the bath spa tub, to the luxurious bedding and towels and furniture, to the views and creature comforts everywhere. In the USA, this suite would have been $2000-3000 a night!! …My husband and I will be back. It was perfect and seeing other accommodations in Chania, there is nothing that can compete with Domus Renier. We miss you and love you all!”

SheriBoston, Tripadvisor June ‘17

In fact based on our customers genuine reviews Domus Renier gets a 10 out of 10 rating on Booking.com; and is featured as one of the best hotels in Greece. Not a small feat surely. In effect it is this kind of feedback that gives us the strength and inspiration to continue to go the extra mile towards making our guests’ stay as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

After all we are the descendants of Xenios Zeus, and we simply must live to our great ancestors reputation. We’ d like to cordially invite you to Domus Renier to partake in a most luxuriating hospitality experience!


Evangelia Vergini

Domus Renier General Manager